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Validated User. May 22, So, a Japanese Company, Lifewonders, LLC, produced a fantasy Bara dating sim - you're transported to another world and work to defeat the demon lord while forming relationships with the four buff dudes in your party.

Chubby Bara Dating Demo

I think it's awesome that they're turning to crowdfunding to get money to translate into various languages and attempt to release in multiple markets , and figured that the crowd here might be interested. May 23, The Hero reward tier Y'know, I've never looked into oppai mousepads designed with a male character in mind Leonaru Taxidermic Owlbear Validated User. I want players to keep getting surprised in every route they play. I think we've managed just that! Of course thanks also to my awesome base team which includes one of you backers who was drafted as a flatter.

Thanks, K! Right now I'm finishing up the rewrite on the Saji route and am halfway done. The Vald route is finished.

Large bara dating sim

Writing is an immense task, and I'm looking forward to having this complete script put to bed. I've ordered Key Chains and will be getting the other physical rewards ordered soon. We'll also be completing the missing parts of the Devi route, including the Incubus Spouse scenes in the after-ending scenes for the good endings. You other spouses will be getting my undivided attention soon.

Of course, I'm also overseeing the completion of the artwork. We have all the art for the Devi route, and all except spouse scenes and minigames for the Harsi and Vald routes. The Saji route artwork is in progress right now. I expect to have all the CGs for the game complete by the end of August. Yes, we are still on track for actually finishing the game on or before November, but there is something that could cause an unforeseen delay.

You guys are getting Steam codes for this game I'm really hoping that will all be sorted out by the time we submit. Fingers crossed.

Fantastic Boyfriends | Bara | Know Your Meme

One actor in particular is going to be very recognizable. My producer Steve Warky Nunez has amazing connections and is also a prominent voice actor himself. He's doing the voice of Arata, and is just as bitchy and obnoxious as you'd expect him to be. I don't have the official on the cast list yet, and I know a few people are using pseudonyms to avoid having a porn on their IMBDs or I would name drop our awesome actors.

Intermediate Update

Rest assured--we have a stellar cast! I'm expected to hear all of the guys and how they sound, mainly Haris right now and maybe Saji. First chart most people have unambiguous and seemingly accurate memories dating as far back as age site, topper years for the country to relationship. Chat safety tips time starting a singles ministry dating app mobile dating highlights.

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The Moment of Truth - Worst Dating Sim [BL/Bara VN] (part 4 - Good + Bad Ending - FINAL)

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We have Mini-Games!

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